Goncharuk filed a letter of resignation Zelensky for ethical rather than legal reasons — MP Kachura

People’s deputy of the Servant of the People faction, Alexander Kachura, said that Prime Minister Alexei Goncharuk had submitted his resignation to President Vladimir Zelensky for ethical rather than legal reasons.

“According to the current legislation, a letter of resignation is written to the Verkhovna Rada and submitted to its head if the prime minister wants to resign. However, she’s now in the President’s Office and this is a normal male act of Prime Minister Goncharuk in relation to the president, ”Kachura said in a commentary to reporters on Friday.

According to him, if President Vladimir Zelensky makes a political decision on the resignation of Goncharuk and his Cabinet, the prime minister’s statement will be submitted for consideration by the Verkhovna Rada.

“Goncharuk has repeatedly stated that the films are falsified and that he respects political leader Vladimir Zelensky. He acted like a man, and as a man from an ethical point of view, he delivered his statement to him. Now the president has decided to transfer it to the Verkhovna Rada or keep it for a certain time, ”the deputy from the“ Servant of the people ”claims.

Kachura believes that the violation of the procedure for submitting an application for the resignation of the Prime Minister was committed precisely for ethical reasons.

“In this case, this is a freelance situation and now it is not so much a matter of law as a matter of ethics and male responsibility for words,” the parliamentarian is sure.


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