Goncharenko — on the fight against coronavirus: the risk group needs to be isolated, and the rest should work and feed their families

Ukraine must choose the path of the Netherlands in the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

This was during a briefing, said MP from the European Solidarity Party Alexei Goncharenko.

«Today, our government does not see or is afraid to realize what kind of economic collapse awaits us all,» said the people’s deputy. — The economic crisis began even before the coronavirus due to an unsuccessful government policy, and today it is gaining enormous proportions. In this situation, after two months, many people will simply have nothing to eat. And this threat is no less than the threat of an epidemic. ”

According to Aleksey Goncharenko, Ukraine cannot afford to pour billions into the economy, so you need to choose the path of the Netherlands.

“The entire risk group should be isolated. This is approximately eight million people — the older generation, people with chronic diseases. Other people should be able to work. Of course, there should not be football matches, discos and any other meaningless mass events. Obviously, concert halls and theaters should be closed, but people should have the opportunity to work, create, create a product, feed themselves and their family, and make money. Otherwise, I don’t know what will be in our country in two months, ”the MP said.

We will note, earlier the Odessa programmer Petr Obukhov and the people’s deputy Aleksey Goncharenko created the volunteer platform «Solidarity — kindness unites» to help people at risk for the incidence of COVID-19. The support platform has already gathered two thousand volunteers from all over Ukraine. People who need help can contact through the site or on the hotline 0-800-501-002.

According to Alexey Goncharenko, there are no grounds for introducing a state of emergency in Ukraine today.

“I am ready to arrive in Kiev for the session of the Rada, when this issue will be considered, and to listen to the arguments. But today, it seems to me, a state of emergency is the path to dictatorship, censorship. I do not understand what other limitations are missing in our country today. Moreover, our government overslept the beginning of the global pandemic, when two months ago it was possible to order mechanical ventilation devices, stop the export of masks that were exported in hundreds of tons from Ukraine, and prepare medical facilities. Nothing was done at all. Our faction “European Solidarity” initiated an extraordinary session, but at this time they did not find it. But it was time to divide the portfolios in the government, ”Goncharenko said.

Narder also spoke about the work in the Odessa region of anti-crisis headquarters to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

“On Saturday, we held a meeting of anti-crisis headquarters with local government and local business, which identified the most painful points. These issues relate to the delivery of doctors to work under quarantine, and the provision of personal protective equipment. I, as a people’s deputy, help my 137th district in the north of Odessa region. Delivered everything that they could collect last week. Today we continue to purchase and deliver tests, protective suits. All this is acquired at my expense, and I urge everyone who can — let’s unite together, in such a situation no one can stay away. This is a challenge to each of us, ”Goncharenko said.


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