The head of the Rada Committee on Energy and Housing and Utilities Andrei Gerus defiantly left the studio of the talk show «Freedom of Speech» by Savik Schuster
The people’s deputy from the party «Servant of the people» explained this as a «working meeting», which was to be held on Friday late at night, reports «DS» with reference to the «Observer».

The demarche occurred after the accession of People’s Deputy Aleksey Kucherenko, who convicted Gerus of routine manipulations in the process of adopting an amendment to the law «On amendments to some laws of Ukraine in the field of nuclear energy use», which opened the import of electricity from the Russian Federation.

Alexey Kucherenko said that he, as deputy head of the relevant committee, was informed that the meeting at which amendments to the relevant law will be considered will take place at 12 o’clock. According to him, he arrived at the meeting at 11-57 and he was informed that the meeting was completed. Deputies from the Servant of the People faction gathered earlier and quickly voted without any deputies from other factions for all their edits.

“When you perform your show on the orders of one rich person, you put all of us in a completely idiotic situation for the European community. After all, this law was adopted for our energy European integration,” said Kucherenko, referring to Gerus.

After that, Andrei Gerus hastily left the studio, refusing to answer questions from other program participants. When leaving, the MP said that he should have a working meeting, although the incident happened at about 23.00 in the evening.

Recall, from October 1, Ukraine resumed import of electricity from the Russian Federation, which has not been carried out since 2015. Delivery was carried out on an even schedule with a capacity of 100 MW. According to market sources, imports are carried out by United Energy, which is associated with Igor Kolomoisky.

Import from Russia was made possible thanks to the amendment to the law «On amendments to some laws of Ukraine in the field of the use of nuclear energy», which was initiated by Andriy Gerus.

Most energy experts regarded the start of electricity imports from Russia as a threat to Ukraine’s energy independence and are convinced that Russia will use it for political pressure on Kiev. They also emphasize that this threatens European integration, because according to the Association Agreement with the EU, Ukraine must disconnect from the Russia-Belarus energy system in 2022 and join the European energy system.

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