Gerus destroys the Ukrainian coal industry, — the people’s deputy

Import of electricity from Russia destroys domestic generation and coal industry

The Chairman of the Energy Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Andriy Gerus is betraying the interests of Ukraine by lobbying for the import of electricity from Russia, which destroys domestic generation and the coal industry. This was stated by People’s Deputy of Ukraine, Chairman of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine Mikhail Volynets during a briefing in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on January 16, RBC-Ukraine reports.

«The traitor of Ukraine, Andrei Gerus, chairman of the parliamentary committee on energy issues, contributed to the fact that over the past 24 hours Russian electricity was supplied to Ukraine in the amount of 3.9 million kilowatts of electricity — 2.2 million kilowatts of electricity were supplied through Belarus, Russian electricity, and plus directly 1.7 million. If this happens further, this year Ukraine will produce 6-7 million tons less coal than the previous year. Less electricity is also produced. ayutsya Ukrainian coal mines, to stop thermal power units, «- said Wolyniec.

He noted that due to the import of Russian current, which is not necessary for our country, the capacity of domestic energy enterprises is limited, as a result of which they have significant losses. In turn, a decrease in electricity production by domestic thermal power plants reduces the demand for Ukrainian coal, which also damages coal mining enterprises.

“Very often, electricity is supplied from Russia, including at night, at a time when it is generally redundant in the electricity market. And the Ukrenergo operator instructs to exclude the blocks of thermal power plants in Ukraine, and therefore they incur huge losses , that is, Ukrainian thermal power plants. Miners who cannot sell Ukrainian coal in their own Ukrainian market suffer huge losses, mines suffer huge losses, and wage arrears to Ukrainian miners are already 1 m lliard 200 million hryvnia, «- said Wolyniec.

The deputy also drew attention to the fact that the simple operation of energy and coal mining enterprises affects the revenues of local and state budgets, because companies reduce contributions to them.

“Local budgets and the central budget do not receive funds, nor do they transfer funds to a pension fund, to social insurance funds. Everything stops totally,” Volynets said.

Recall that electricity imports from Russia were restored from October 1, 2019 due to the Gerus amendment. The volume of Russian electricity supplied to the market segment of bilateral agreements already exceeds 15%. The growth of Russian imports led to a limitation of capacities of Ukrainian energy enterprises.

Earlier, the Federation of Employers of the Fuel and Energy Complex of Ukraine called for stopping the import of electricity from the Russian Federation, stressing that maintaining the current volume of imports threatens to stop 75% of Ukrainian coal mining enterprises and most nuclear units.

In December last year, the media reported that, by court decisions, NABU and SBU were obliged to institute criminal proceedings against Andrei Gerus, chairman of the Energy Committee of BP, for treason and abuse of power.

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