From the party Poroshenko left the people’s deputy Granovsky

The deputy did not explain his decision, but he does not plan to participate in the elections with the party of the ex-president.
People’s Deputy Oleksandr Granovsky on Wednesday, May 29, announced that he had quit Petro Poroshenko’s Bloc. He wrote about this on Facebook.

“Taking into account the decision taken by me to continue my independent political path, I stopped membership in the Petro Poroshenko’s Bloc party for two days,” the people’s deputy said.

At the same time, Granovsky notes that «as of this minute, he does not plan to become part of the new parliamentary list of the European Solidarity party or to use the party support of this force as a self-nominated candidate.

At the same time, Granovsky noted that one should not look for any complicated implication in his decision, «because there is none.» He thanked colleagues and colleagues, noted that Poroshenko «deservedly entered the history of Ukraine for his bold and historic decisions.»

“This parliamentary cadence is the first in my life, which gave me the opportunity to better understand myself and helped to determine vital and political priorities. Without going into boring details, the decision to continue the independent path is organic and honest,” says Granovsky.

Nardep promised to inform the public about his new decisions, if they are made.

As you know, Granovsky is considered the curator of the ex-resident of Petro Poroshenko in the courts and the prosecutor’s office.


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