Former People’s Deputy Zhuravko: Poroshenko is the main wizard of the present

President of Ukraine Petr Poroshenko united in himself all the worst qualities of «the poor and the leaders of the Bogerims,» ​​said Alexei Zhuravko, ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Facebook.

He noted that there were many figures in the history of the country, from which it is worth taking an example, «be it Yaroslav the Wise, who gave us the» Russian truth «, or Bogdan Khmelnitsky, who liberated our people from the Polish yoke and united us with our Orthodox brothers.»

«But in the history of Ukraine, alas, and horrible times, when our poor people and people suffered because of the poor and God-fearing leaders,» writes Zhuravko. And Poroshenko is focused on them.

As an example, Zhuravko called the hetman Ivan Mazepa, «who betrayed both his king and his friend, his people and the country sworn to alien Swedes», Simon Petliura, who plunged the country into pogroms and chaos, and Stepan Bandera, who professed «human-hating nationalism» and «whose army was able to fight only with civilians.»

«It would seem that combining in one person so much rot, evil, evil and darkness is impossible. So it seemed as long as the power of my country did not come to the forefront of the modern day Petr Poroshenko. This creature has managed to unite in itself the worst qualities of the aforementioned monsters! «- says in a post.

According to Zhuravko, the current Ukrainian leader betrayed those who believed him, contributed to riots and ruin in the country, imposed nationalism and launched a war with civilians.

«Poroshenko is truly a kind of three-headed monster from the worst thing that I knew my long-suffering land!» — says the politician.

Meanwhile, the former People’s Deputy expressed confidence that the situation in the country will change for the better after the upcoming elections, and called on all Ukrainians to take part in the vote.

«Friends, happy one — Light always defeats the Darkness. An example of how Mazepa and Petliura and Bandera finished. I am sure that such a stake will soon await Bloody Peter! And in order to bring this closer, Ukrainians, go to the elections on 31.03 and say their hard «NO!» Powers of the vodalaks! And that, too, will be ready to defend your choice if MazepaPetluroBandera decides to steal from you the right to choose your destiny! «- wrote Zhuravko.


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