Former People’s Deputy Tsarev unexpectedly rose to the invaders

A supporter of the “Russian world”, an ex-people’s deputy from the Party of Regions, Oleg Tsarev, wanted by Ukrainian law enforcement officers, complained that he was deceived by the Russian occupation “authorities” of Crimea.

He said that the “officials” of the peninsula decided to sell the property of two pensions “Dnepr” and “HIITovets” in Alushta, which in 2015 were leased to the ex-People’s Deputy for the implementation of investment projects, writes “Crimea. Realities.

“Now I discourage all my friends and acquaintances from participating in investment projects in the Crimea,” said Tsarev.

“Our companies signed investment agreements on six objects, invested money, carried out work, and were seriously engaged in these objects. But the Council of Ministers unilaterally tore up these treaties, ”he explained.

Tsarev stressed that he filed a lawsuit, wrote to the prosecutor’s office, “but this did not end with anything”. He lost all the courts, writes the media.

According to him, according to the agreements with the Russian authorities, the companies of his family had to develop rented motels and managed to invest more than 10 million rubles in them. But in the end, in the Crimean “government” all six contracts were terminated.

“It turns out that we were deceived. Because the “government” of Crimea signs such investment agreements, which the courts then regard as an agreement of intent. And the fact that you spend money on it does not bother anyone. Something suddenly rebelled to someone, and everything was torn, ”Tsarev was indignant.


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