For Lutsenko before Zelensky intercede the United States? Nardep Leshchenko told that the prosecutor general was thinking

Attorney General Yuriy Lutsenko is trying to play a card with alleged pressure from former US Vice President Joe Biden on the GPU for the affair with his son Zlochevsky and the company Burisma, to enlist the support of the Trump team and remain in his post under the Zelensky presidency.

About this writes on his channel in the Telegram messenger parliamentarian Sergey Leshchenko, reports UAportal.

According to the people’s deputy, Lutsenko deliberately draws Ukraine into the US presidential campaign in order to obtain personal preferences — Poroshenko lost the election, therefore, the political plans of the prosecutor general are on the verge of failure. Therefore, in order to protect himself from his resignation, he decided to invent a story about how Biden allegedly put pressure on the Prosecutor General’s Office to end the criminal case against the ex-official of the Yanukovych regime Nikolai Zlochevsky and his company Busima, in which Biden’s son was a board member.

As the deputy says, Trump’s advisor Rudolph Giuliani believed in this story and decided that its rational use could hurt Biden’s reputation during the 2020 presidential campaign.

Lutsenko’s goal is to prove himself to be useful to Trump’s entourage, so that the United States will stand up for him before Zelensky and ask him not to dismiss him from the post of prosecutor general.

However, as Sergey Leshchenko emphasizes, this story is a «bubble», because it was Lutsenko who closed one of the high-profile cases against Zlochevsky. That is why the Prosecutor General has no chance of political rehabilitation.

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