For capture of the Kharkov coke-chemical plant may stand people’s deputy Danilov, — mass media

The national police opened a criminal investigation into the seizure of the Slobozhansky Coke Plant (Kharkov) under Part 5 of Art. 191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (appropriation, embezzlement of property or seizure by abuse of official position on a large scale)
“At the end of September, the real estate of PJSC“ Slobozhansky Coke Plant ”, which was under a security burden on a loan at Sberbank, was hastily re-registered by a private notary as a lender and leased to a certain trading house“ Novomet. ”The situation has all the signs of a raider seizure, how disputes in court between the owner of the plant and the bank continue, «- said in a journalistic investigation published on GolosUA.

However, according to media reports, on September 27-28, new tenants by force established control over the territory of the enterprise. The director of the plant, Andrei Karabanov, noted that transport, equipment and raw materials belonging to the rightful owners began to be exported from the plant, as well as to sell finished products from warehouses.

According to journalists, the ultimate beneficiary of this scheme is allegedly the politician and businessman Vitaly Danilov, who was re-elected to the Verkhovna Rada from BYuT.

«Having regained his mandate in the summer of 2019, Danilov decided to expand the list of controlled assets. The practical implementation of the people’s deputy, who in the past cadences was related to the fuel and energy complex, entrusted one of the leading experts in Ukraine in such matters — Sergey Kuzyar. He has several author’s capture schemes in his resume control over state-owned enterprises, «the authors of the investigation note.

According to media reports, Danilov is associated with the mayor of Kharkov, Gennady Kernes.

“Gennady Kernes didn’t refuse an old acquaintance and now seems to be risking the image and other consequences alone until Mr. Danilov waits in the shade. TD Novomet has not bothered to obtain a license for the relevant activity. So the next transitions are just around the corner,” — summarized in the investigation.

Recall that the seizure of the Kharkov coke oven took place on September 27 on the basis of documents on the transfer of the plant’s real estate to the ownership of Oschadbank and the immediate transfer of the property for rent to a certain Novomet trading house. The relevant documents were issued by a private notary Stanislav Klopotov. After that, people of sports physique penetrated the territory of the enterprise by force and became at the entrance and gates. Then, allegedly legal new tenants seized access to the administration’s documentation and computers. At the same time, journalists drew attention to the supposedly complete inaction of the prosecutor’s office and the police.


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