Ex-people’s deputy Zalishchuk became an adviser to Goncharuk

Former people’s deputy Svetlana Zalishchuk became an adviser to the Prime Minister Alexei Goncharuk on foreign policy issues.

Source: Facebook Post Zalischuk

Direct speech: «Since yesterday, I officially work as a full-time adviser to the Prime Minister of Ukraine on foreign policy issues.»

“In the team of the Prime Minister, I will be responsible for preparing his international meetings and international visits in close coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kuleba. My main kpi will be successful contacts between the head of government and his counterparts, international financial institutions and diplomats, creation of positive prerequisites for development Ukraine’s international cooperation, assistance in attracting investment, promoting effective economic cooperation between states. I will single out the struggle for our European bud energy and energy security. »

Details: Zalishchuk added that she was friends with Goncharuk “from the time of anticipation of times”, believes in the intentions and values ​​of this person.

“This government, in my opinion, has one fundamental difference from the previous ones. And this is not the age, although it is the youngest in the history of the country. This government was not formed according to the quota principle of monopolists. So far this is not the result of the country’s liberation from the total influence of the monopolists but it’s a prerequisite that gives Ukraine such a chance, ”she wrote.



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