Ex-people’s deputy Ruslan Demchak bought less than 1% of the shares of RVS Bank

RVS Bank announced a new co-owner — ex-deputy from BPP Ruslan Demchak, but at the same time, the NBU did not receive documents for the purchase of significant participation, since the purchased share is less than 10%. It is from this level that the investor must ask the NBU for a deal. About this “OLIGARCH” learned from the message FinClub.

“Demchak bought less than 1%,” said Kateryna Rozhkova, First Deputy Head of the NBU, in an interview with FinClub.

At the same time, a new investor, with whose name bankers have always associated RVS Bank, can increase its share.

“RVS Bank belongs to the category of small banks to which we have questions regarding the business model. Today we understand that in order to implement the model chosen by the bank, investments in cash are necessary. Attracted deposits of the population is not an investment resource for such a development. We constantly communicate with both the owner and the management. Ruslan Demchak always had a desire to have a bank. Therefore, maybe he has plans for the next investment in this bank, which is quite likely, ”said Katerina Rozhkova.

In previous years, Demchak made no serious attempts to gain direct control over RVS Bank.

“There was no serious bid to acquire a stake. He was a deputy, was a member of the banking committee, then the election, he, perhaps, was not interested in business. Now he is no longer a deputy, but in the past he was a businessman, so his activity can be connected with this. If he plans investments, the sources of his income should be studied and verified, ”she said.

On January 1, 2019, the owner of 100% of the shares of RVS Bank was Alexander Stetsyuk. RVS Bank was established on the basis of the insolvent PJSC Omega Bank.


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