Ex-people’s deputy Mosiychuk accused Prime Minister Goncharuk of sexual harassment of an employee

Former MP Igor Mosiychuk accused the Prime Minister of Ukraine Alexey Goncharuk of sexual harassment of employees. Mosiychuk made the corresponding statement on his Facebook page.

Mosiychuk claims that the «son of his acquaintance», who got a job in the prime minister’s apparatus, complained of sexual harassment. Mosiychuk brought the guy into dialogue with his father:

— he molested me …
— who is he?
— who? Who? prime …
— and how did you pester?
— as? as? directly molested, sought sexual relations with me …

“I must say right away that I’m indifferent to the prime minister’s sexual orientation. Let her be engaged in the right-wingers who invite this person to their events and concerts. I’m interested in the prime minister working in the interests of Ukraine and Ukrainians and not violating the current legislation.

And here is the problem. The Prime Minister’s actions to harass a subordinate violate international law and fall within the scope of the Criminal Code of Ukraine … So far, I have been convincing the guy and parents to give public testimony … «, added Mosiychuk.

Note, no evidence or names Mosiychuk did not cite.

Recall that on the night of October 14, Goncharuk attended a concert of the far-right group Sokira Perun, organized by Andrei Medvedko, accused of the murder of journalist Oles Buzina. In 2018, in Kiev, after the concert of the Sokira Perun group in Kiev, the police opened a criminal case due to the use of fascist slogans and swastikas during the event.


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