Ex-people’s deputy Ilyyuk believes that the head of the Regional State Administration Stadnik is trying to form his deputy group in the regional council

The former People’s Deputy from Nikolayevshchina Artyom Ilyyuk declared that the head of the Nikolaev regional state administration Alexander Stadnik is now engaged in the formation of a positive deputy group. Ilyyuk wrote about this on his Facebook page.

Ilyyuk assures that 27 deputies have already entered this “group”.

“The governor decided to create his own deputy group in the regional council! Signatures are being collected, according to my information, 27 people have already signed up. The group is formed on the principle of “voluntariness”: to whom they threatened a little, to whom they promised a little … Communication with the fractions did not work, therefore they process it one at a time, ”he said.

Ilyyuk added that the very process of forming such a group is not a new phenomenon.

“In principle, nothing new, it always has been, but the goals are pursued exclusively political, instead of engaging in real affairs. And to the deputies I want to say the following: if you decide to join and create a new group in the regional council, then quit the factions with which you were on this council, so it will be honest and by law! ”, Said the former MP.


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