Ex-people’s deputy Gavrilyuk shared a quarantine photo with his daughter

Former people’s deputy of Ukraine from the Popular Front Mikhail Gavrilyuk shared a photo of home leisure on social networks.

In the photo, the former deputy is captured reading a book, and next to him is his three-year-old daughter Zlata. According to Gavrilyuk, during quarantine, he read the book «Dotsya», authored by Ukrainian writer Tamara Gorikha Zernia.

The ex-people’s deputy noted that the work caused him «a wide range of emotions.»

Gavrilyuk gained fame after a video of police bullying him appeared during Euromaidan. The protester was stripped naked and forced to be photographed with security officials. After the victory of the Revolution, the virtues of Gavrilyuk were elected people’s deputy.

In 2016, Gavrilyuk got married. His chosen one was a 22-year-old student with whom he met on the Maidan. In the fall of 2016, the couple had a daughter, Zlata.

After the completion of the deputy cadet, Gavrilyuk works as a taxi driver in Kiev, earning from 15 to 35 thousand UAH per month.


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