Ex-people’s deputy Chernovol swore journalist

The ex-people’s deputy from the Popular Front party, Tatyana Chernovol threatened «to put in the face» journalist Sergei Shevchuk.

He asked Chernovol about the circumstances of receiving the award weapon, in response, the former people’s deputy broke out and threatened the journalist with reprisal, reports Glavred. «You are not a journalist, you are a pi * arast,» Chernovol told Shevchuk. To the clarifying question why she made such conclusions, Chernovol said: «I do not respect you. I am outraged when people like you call themselves journalists. I can give a face for that.» She also suggested Shevchuk apologize to her for allegedly compromising the work of a journalist. Attention! The video contains profanity.

“It was yesterday when my colleague Sergey Shevchuk asked Tatyana for an award machine. Now I understand the level of politician and member of the EU party,” commented journalist Dmitry Kucher. Earlier, at a press conference by the director of the State Bureau of Investigation (GBR), Roman Truba, former MP Tatyana Chernovol came, the police tried to expel her. She stated that she had come to ask Pipe about the criminal proceedings against former MP Sergei Pashinsky, who was suspected of causing grievous bodily harm and was arrested for two months by court order.


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