Ex-people’s deputy Bogoslovskaya got into an accident near Kiev

Two accidents almost simultaneously occurred on the Obukhov highway
Ex-people’s deputy and presidential candidate of Ukraine Inna Bogoslovskaya got into an accident near Kiev. The accident occurred on October 2 on the Obukhov highway.

According to the politician, the culprit of the accident disappeared from the scene, and the police arrived only three hours later. «I have an accident. The villains who are to blame for him have washed off … the guy who hit me from behind is not to blame, he saved me and his car. I stand waiting for the police. My mood is spoiled, time is running out, the money for repairs will be considerable «she wrote.

Bogoslovskaya added that on the part of the road on which she had an accident, another accident happened almost simultaneously. «A huge traffic jam due to accidents, thousands of people are nervous and wasting time. Authorities in the person of the police do not care about people. The scoop is in attack,» she said.


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