The odious «person from the Ministry of Internal Affairs» Vladimir Evdokimov, convicted of having links with separatists and criminals, resumed his political career, apparently aiming at the highest echelon of power. This is discussed in the article «Watching the Ministry of Internal Affairs: the odious separatist Evdokimov returns to big politics?», Published by the Golos.ua edition.

«The Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Evdokimov, who was dismissed in 2014, suspected of having links with the Russian special services and separatism, protection and drug trafficking, decided to resume his political career — just like a few years ago, he is again tipped to oversee the law enforcement system in the President’s Office, which is the Ministry of Internal Affairs itself will hardly be greeted, «the publication of Politeka says.

The author notes that Yevdokimov was recently elected the deputy head of the Agrarian Party of Ukraine, headed by Mikhail Poplavsky. «On the website of the party itself, Evdokimov is referred to as the deputy chairman, Mikhail Poplavsky, and the leader of the newly created public organization Myronosti, about whose activities there is no public information,» he emphasizes.

Evdokimov, who managed to work for almost all Ukrainian government officials and presidents, was repeatedly seen in close friendship with representatives of the criminals and refuses to comment on solid property.

“The friendship of Evdokimov with the Donetsk authority Vladimir Polubatko, nicknamed“ Footballer ”, turned into a Crimean yacht for the official. As the Administration of the Black Sea seaports said, after the annexation of Crimea, the luxurious 23-meter yacht“ Marquis 690 ”owned by Evdokimov could not leave the water area of ​​the peninsula. and the presence of this expensive «asset» Evdokimov still remains stubbornly silent. And Polubatko is now hiding in Denmark, and finances terrorist groups in the Luhansk region of Ukraine. This is despite the fact that in 2014, when Evdokimov was the deputy minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Polubatko’s militants constantly attacked Ukrainian the security forces and the military, «the article says.

Note that the son of Evdokimov, working in the authorities, was engaged in the same thing as his father, protection and drug trafficking, for which he was expelled from the law enforcement system. In 2014, Evdokimov Sr. stood up for the «offspring» and turned to Turchynov to send him for «further service» in the Luhansk region. And there, as it was already reported, the terrorist group of Polubatko, an old friend of «dad» Evdokimov, was robbed.

Analyzing information about Evdokimov’s connections with the Russian special services, the author mentions that in 2004-2005 he worked as an adviser to the Ukrainian Embassy in the Russian Federation. «What duties he actually had, the SBU is now figuring out, but one thing is clear: with close cooperation with the Russian Federation, he was clearly promised certain preferences, but in exchange for what?» — he notes.

After the Revolution of Dignity, not without the help of Gennady Moskal, and, probably, Yuri Lutsenko, in March 2014, Evdokimov took the post of deputy minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and lobbied for the appointment of Anatoly Naumenko, the «people’s militiaman» of the militants to the post of head of the Luhansk MIA Administration. After that, Evdokimov was fired.

«For many years the Ministry of Internal Affairs has remained a tidbit for many political forces, and if, for example, having turned the same SBU into a virtually commercial project, far from state security, the battles for the Ministry of Internal Affairs are still going on, as then … Until recently, there has been no nothing was heard. His Facebook page contains reposts of messages from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and communications of the Agrarian Party. But will Evdokimov manage to master the «springboard» from the deputy head of the party, for example, to Ermak? We will wait and see, «the author summed up.


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