Dumbbell. Deo Lanos. Frame. MonoLisa. Peanut. «Country» has learned nicknames which the people’s deputies from «Servants of the people» give each other

As the «Country» found out, during the first session of the Verkhovna Rada, which is just about to end, the newly elected deputies from the party «Servant of the People» have already managed to get nicknames that their colleagues actively use, and which they label each other on mobile phones.

«Country» has collected the most popular and well-established nicknames of deputies of the 9th convocation from the party «Servant of the people».

David Arahamia — record holder in the number of unspoken nicknames in the party, Photo: Country

«Servant of Soros.» He’s a «birder». He’s a Brownie. He is «Peanuts»

The “Servant of Soros” in the “Servant of the People” faction called ill-wishers the head of the faction David Arahamia for his regular support of bills lobbied by experts of the International Monetary Fund.

The second nickname of Arahamia about his enemies is the “deaculatory”, which he received due to the fact that after the defeat of Poroshenko in the presidential election, he put a die on social networks “dyakoy” (his supporters thanked the ex-president).

However, other deputies of the faction of their leader called not so offensively. His most common nickname is Brownie. They named it so not in honor of the famous dessert. And due to the fact that Arahamia on Facebook is signed by David Braun. They say that his nickname was invented by his wife, and the deputies decided to adjust it a bit, and so did David Brownie.

Another nickname is Peanuts. Of course, David has nothing to do with nuts. Everything is extremely simple here. “Peanut is a peanut. Just in tune, «says Arahamia’s fellow colleague.

Nikita Poturaev noted an ambiguous statement about the «political nobody» in Truskavets and the hysterical manner of behavior. Photo: screenshot of Poturaev’s speech in Rada

«Nobody» and «hysterical»

The first «nickname» of the deputy «Servants of the People» Nikita Poturaev, which he received thanks to the famous lecture in Truskavets.

Recall that shortly after the election, during training in Truskavets, before the same party members, Poturaev declared that they were all “political nobody”. An audio recording of this enchanting performance was published by «Country», and the nickname «Nobody» has since firmly stuck to Poturav in the conversations of his colleagues.

Another nickname of Poturaev, which he received after an enchanting speech during the consideration of the bill on land — «hysterical.»

«He was screaming, saliva was flying from his mouth. He almost tore his shirt. And it is not clear who delegated this right to him to image the project there. Many did not understand what it was,» a source in the faction said.

The people’s deputy Evgeny Shevchenko took part in the Russian television show and got a new nickname


Such a nickname to the deputy «Servants of the People» Yevgeny Shevchenko was given by his same party member Geo Leros. This happened after Shevchenko joined on Skype during the broadcast of Rossiya1 TV channel.

Shevchenko was almost expelled from the faction for this, but it cost. «Country» described in detail that rather meaningless scandal.

Geo Leros party members nicknamed after the car. Photo: Geo Leros / Facebook

«Deo Lanos». He is «euthanasia»

But Geo Leros himself in the fraction behind the eyes is called «Deo Lanos». And after he advocated the legalization of euthanasia, the corresponding nickname was immediately assigned to the people’s deputy.

Roksolana Pidlas party members nicknamed «robot»


The nickname of the people’s deputy Roksolana Pidlasoy, which, according to her detractors in the «Servant of the people», is a non-independent player and in everything fulfills the will of the party authorities.

After the scandal with a prostitute, the people’s deputy Bogdan Yaremenko got the nickname «anal taboo». Photo: Country

“Owl” and “anal taboo”

The first nickname of the deputy Bogdan Yaremenko appeared due to the outward resemblance to a bird.

However, this nickname took root for a short while and was soon replaced by another one — “anal taboo”.

This is a phrase from the scandalous correspondence of the deputy. Recall a couple of months ago, the paparazzi spotted Yaremenko for correspondence with a woman of commercial sex right during the meeting of the Rada. Yaremenko discussed with the girl the conditions under which she would have agreed to sex, and that would not have agreed. “Anal taboo,” was one of her messages.

The phrase «anal taboo» is also included in the 2019 dictionary according to the «Country» version.

Vyacheslav Medyanik also got his nickname thanks to the scandal. Photo: Country


In October, Strana published the correspondence of the deputy-majority leader of the Party of the People’s Servant Vyacheslav Medyanik, where he promised to help in matters concerning the “Ocean” and “Sahara” and trumped his influence on prosecutors.

Journalists never received a clear answer from Medyanik about what he was solving the issues with prosecutors, and his colleagues immediately gave him the affectionate nickname “Sugar” and advised him to buy a Nokia 3310 phone.

To no longer shone correspondence in the Council of journalists.


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