«Do not go through the polygraph — you are zero, political nothing»: Nardep Buzhansky spoke about the conflict in the «Servant of the people»

A scandal erupted inside the “Servant of the People” faction due to management interference in the committee’s voting process. This was written by the deputy from the «Servant of the People» Maxim Buzhansky on his Telegram channel.

“For some reason, the faction’s leadership intervened in the democratic process of voting in the committee, and for some reason, it assumed the functions of an arbiter that are unusual and not delegated to anyone. Forgetting that the committee is parliamentary and not a list of list members. From the faction’s leadership, a proposal was made to check those who «The main target of the denunciation, the people’s deputy Dubinsky, immediately supported this proposal, demanding that the polygraph be passed by all parties, the management and the Office,» Buzhansky explained.

He added that «the fuse has dried up on this, and the faction leadership began to try to hush up the printing subject.»

According to Buzhansky, there can be two ways of development of events:

All of the above go to the polygraph along with Dubinsky. A polygraph is so a polygraph. Buzhansky is convinced that the Dubinsky polygraph will pass.
The second way — one Dubinsky goes to the polygraph. And the leadership remains in the ruins of a fraction of its own, torn to pieces, completely without any authority, with the image of empty ballots that are not responsible for their words.

The People’s Deputy notes that in this case there will remain a bunch of questions on the laws already adopted, without which it is impossible to proceed to discuss the following. »

«You will not get through the polygraph — you are zero, political nothing. And no law about any imperative mandate that you secretly try to put on the agenda, in violation of all agreements, trying to bribe majority voters with administrative gingerbreads, will not help,» the People’s Deputy concluded.


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