Deputy Moskalenko involve for the creation of an interim commission of inquiry to test Naftogaz and Ukrgasdobycha

The Ukrainian authorities should establish a temporary special commission to verify the activities of NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine” and PJSC “Ukrgasdobycha”. About this, as it became known to KV, said MP Yaroslav Moskalenko (head of the deputy group «People’s Will») during the conciliation council held in the Verkhovna Rada on November 19.

«Today it’s time to create an interim commission of inquiry and conduct an audit of work in the state-owned companies Ukrgasdobycha and NAK Naftogaz Ukraine. It’s time to shed light on multi-billion dollar frauds,» — he said during the conciliation board. The press service reported that the parliamentarian also harshly criticized the results of the work of these state-owned enterprises in recent years against the background of a tenfold increase in gas prices. “The law on the gas market is not being implemented, the gas market for heating and power stations and the population has not been created, the division of the NJSC did not occur, the modernization of the urban heating networks is not carried out, the promised increase in domestic gas production failed,” added the MP.

Yaroslav Moskalenko also noted that the top management decided to shift responsibility for the failure to central authority. And the main reason for the head of Ukrgazdobycha is that the ministry did not allocate the necessary number of licenses for the development of new deposits. “What is happening, colleagues, some billions are buried in the development of “unallocated” deposits, others — for this they give themselves millions of prizes,” he concluded. Recall, on October 8, at a plenary session of parliament, MP Yaroslav Moskalenko (head of the «People’s Will») demanded consideration and adoption of a decree imposing a moratorium on increasing the cost of gas for the population.


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