Corruption scandal with deputies from the Servant of the people will be discussed at a meeting of the faction — Kornienko

On Monday, October 28, the Servant of the People’s faction will hold a meeting to discuss the corruption scandal.

The people’s deputy from political force Alexander Kornienko told about it.

“On Monday we will have a meeting of the faction. There we will discuss many issues, among which this too, ”he said in an interview with UP.

Kornienko expressed the view that understanding could be found.

“There are several layers in this case: voting on the committee itself, as well as misunderstandings within the committee, when some deputies say that we need to work this way, others say that we need to work differently,” the People’s Deputy said.

The politician added that at a meeting of the faction, Evgeny Shevchenko’s speech on the Russian propaganda channel will also be discussed.

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According to him, all deputies will be asked to come to this meeting, «because, perhaps, fundamental decisions will be considered.»

At the same time, Kornienko emphasized that this does not necessarily mean exclusion from the fraction; there may be other solutions.

“Last time at the meeting of the faction, many people were not. We would like the whole faction to make important decisions. We simply ask all deputies to come to the faction, because, perhaps, fundamental decisions will be considered. So that later there would be no accusations “but I wasn’t”, “but I didn’t know,” the people’s deputy explained.

He added that it is still unknown whether President Vladimir Zelensky will attend the meeting.

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