Construction scams: the «shadow team» of the people’s deputy Dubily participates in a scheme to launder millions of hryvnias

The other day, the Shevchenkovskiy district court of Kiev will begin to examine the merits of the infamous Kiev developer Oleg Repa. He is charged with committing crimes under eight articles of the Criminal Code. For unauthorized construction, forgery, forgery of documents, embezzlement of other people’s property on an especially large scale, laundering of proceeds from crime, Turnip «shines» for up to 15 years in prison with confiscation of property. Which politician was involved in construction scams, Lyubov Velichko found out.

Eight Articles of the Criminal Code
Investigators from the National Police investigated a high-profile construction scam for five and a half years. A train of suspicion arose on the basis of statements by dozens of affected investors from two metropolitan residential complexes: the Perspektiva residential complex (located in the Troeschina residential area) and the Shevchenkovsky Quarter residential complex (not yet fully built, but not populated).

If we take into account the number of investors LCD Shevchenkovsky Quarter and LCD Perspektiva, as well as the cost of apartments in these LCDs, then through the hands of Oleg Repa passed more than 200 million hryvnias.

However, it would be impossible to independently realize such a large-scale construction. According to law enforcers, Turnip organized a criminal group back in 2013 and clearly distributed tasks for each of its participants.

Nardep Valery Dubil may be involved in construction scams with residential complexes in Kiev.
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Investigators of the Main Investigation Department of the National Police claim that Turnip organized the construction of the Shevchenkovsky Quarter residential complex together with Svetlana Peicheva (who was a lawyer at PKF Farby Ukrainy LLC) and Irina Pinchuk (accountant at PKF Farby Ukrainy LLC). In addition, the police recently opened a criminal case against Petr Kulikov, the rector of the well-known forge of construction specialists in Ukraine — Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture.

After all, it was Knusa who signed a contract with Repa on the construction of a hostel for his students and one multi-storey building. But the developer decided to redo the project, increasing the number of sections four times. But the rector turned a blind eye to this. It is very significant that the university, which teaches future architects and builders, has committed arbitrariness under his nose.

Now the construction of the Shevchenkovsky Quarter LCD and the Rich House LCD are frozen. Investors sadly watch how the workers of the company that leased the crane dismantled the construction crane: “Turnips are in the know. He says the crane is being taken out of debt.

The Shadow Team by Valery Dubil
Apartment investors from the first section of the Shevchenkovsky Quarter residential complex planned to move into new housing in the fall of 2015. It was then that Oleg Repa promised to complete the construction. But fate. The developer delayed the time, and promised that he was about to give the keys to the long-awaited apartments.

Investors believed the developer — then his reputation was not spoiled. In October 2015, Oleg Repa ran for the city council from the Unity party. To increase his chances of victory, he organized free pilgrimages to the Pochaev Monastery and financially helped the ATO fighters. This was eloquently written by some media.

Only a few years later, investigators found out that despite promises to complete the residential complex, during 2015-2017 Oleg Repa was engaged in money laundering, disguising them under the guise of money that investors brought to buy a home. Therefore, he had money for the election campaign.

Things were going so well that Turnip decided to go into yet another metropolitan facility — the Rich House business class residential complex. The four-story building was to be built on a private land plot of 30 acres owned by 999 LLC.

Director of 999 LLC Irina Matvienko recalls how, in 2016, the signing of an agreement on participation in construction with the developer Andrei Gavrilenko, the director of Justis Group LLC, was signed: “When signing the investment contract, apart from Gavrilenko, we were Oleg Repa’s lawyer Svetlana Peycheva and assistant to the people’s deputy Valery Dubil Alla Shemet. Our acquaintance took place in the office of Dubil on the street. Big Vasilkovskaya. It was lawyer Alla who was to accompany the construction project of the Rich House residential complex. ”

According to Irina Matvienko, the real think tank at the facility was Sergey Karasev, although he was not officially involved in the construction.

“Karasev took an active part in the construction,” says Irina Matvienko. — Turnip looked into his mouth, constantly consulted. They spent a lot of time together, sitting in the trailer at the construction site. He also solved working issues with me. For example, under an agreement, Justis Group LLC was required to pay land tax. And we paid. They gave us the money. I called Karasev and said: “Impact Turnip. Need money». And he said: “I gave Turnip money. Therefore, money will soon be with you. ”

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