Chornovol accused NABU of working on the FSB

Detective Nabu Dmitry Litvinenko can work on the FSB. Such accusation of People’s Deputy Tatyana Chernovol put forward at a meeting of the Interim Commission of Inquiry on corruption in the defense sector.

«I want to make a statement to the SBU now. Statement on the state of the regime, work on the FSB, and the reduction of defensiveness. In all the facts about which I am speaking now, Dmitry Litvinenko appears. But again, I will say that I am sure that he did not follow the instructions himself, «Chernovol announced.

According to Chernovol, Ukraine won a tender for a major military contract with India (Russia was a rival), and Litvinenko dismissed India from cooperation with Kiev. Another accusation was that Litvinenko intervened to purchase fuel for the Ministry of Defense and provided the department with losses of UAH 300 million.

«As for these facts, I came to (the head of NABU Artem) to the Sitter, we talked about it. He is aware of all these circumstances. I have a question: did not he give directions on cooperation with the FSB Dmitry Litvinenko? I want the SBU to investigate it, «explained the People’s Deputy.


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