Chemicus about the Pashinsky case: I am a victim. We have been striving for this for three years.

Vyacheslav Khimikus, in the case of shooting in which ex-people’s deputy Sergei Pashinsky was arrested, said that he had been seeking victim status for three years. He said this in an interview with Gromadsky published on November 1.

“When they called me and said that I was a victim, it was an event. We have been striving for this for three years,” said Chemicus.

He believes that the proceedings against Pashinsky have intensified thanks to the former deputy head of the Presidential Administration Andrei Portnov and lawyer Marina Parinova.

Chemicus said that treatment after the incident cost him $ 17 thousand.

In October, investigators of the central apparatus of the State Bureau of Investigation informed Pashinsky about suspicion of causing serious bodily harm to a citizen. The ex-MP called what is happening Portnov revenge.

On October 7, the Pechersky District Court of Kiev sent under arrest the former deputy until December 4.

The case concerns the shooting at that time of the people’s deputy in Chemikus on December 31, 2016. According to the police, Chemicus attacked Pashinsky, hit him on the head with a bottle and knocked him down. The people’s deputy shot a foot to the attacker, having made before that a warning shot in the air. The police report said that at the time of the shot Pashinsky was lying on the ground.

Chemicus claimed that there was no warning shot. According to him, on the way home, he helped an unknown driver push a stalled minibus. Suddenly, the Mercedes braked, from which Pashinsky came out and began to threaten with a weapon.


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