Bragar explained why he still hadn’t helped the pensioner, whom he had previously offered to sell the dog

The people’s deputy noted that there is no specific model of the gas boiler and the amount, since the pensioner just wanted to update it
Remember the story of the deputy of Bragara to sell purebred dogs to pay for a communal apartment? The pensioner in question said that she asked the people’s deputy to help her buy a new gas boiler, but she did not wait for help. To which Yevgeny Bragar said that the appeal of a pensioner is under consideration. This APnews reports with reference to the Telegram channel PavlovskyNews.

The people’s deputy reported that an appeal was received to him. In response, he made a deputy appeal to the Ministry of Social Policy about the possibility of allocating money for the purchase of the boiler. And after that, the ministry redirected him to the Kirovograd Regional State Administration and now the appeal is under consideration. When they give an answer, the deputy does not know.

«The timing of my appeal has not yet been violated, although it will be over soon. There is no specific model of the gas boiler and the amount, as the pensioner just wanted to update it,» said Bragar.

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