«Believe us, we are also living people»: the people’s deputy told how the Verkhovna Rada will work

The Verkhovna Rada may convene in order to amend the regulations regarding remote voting.

This was commented by GolosUA in the deputy of Ukraine (faction «Servant of the people») Alexander Fedienko.

“I don’t know what to answer, because I don’t know how testing of this remote system will take place now. In order for this system to work remotely, deputies must get together and vote for it. Without changes in the regulations, this cannot happen. It was laid down in the Rada system for a long time, they simply did not launch it, ”A. Fedienko said.

The MP said that it is not known when the Verkhovna Rada can convene for such a vote: «I think it will definitely not be tomorrow, the day after tomorrow.»

The media called for various laws that the Verkhovna Rada may adopt at an extraordinary meeting. For example, the law on countering speculation with the prices of various goods. But the agenda of the probable extraordinary meeting of the Verkhovna Rada is unknown and has not yet been formed.

“Now there are a lot of fakes, so far it’s all at the level of rumors, speculation and fakes. This system is launched in order to suddenly after that, when mass quarantine is possible, the Council will not be able to physically collect, then this system will turn on. But she still needs to vote for the launch. If there is a system of remote voting, then hypothetically it can be assumed that everything can be voted, ”A. Fedienko said.

For deputies to get together for an extraordinary meeting is also a risk of infection, because several deputies have already been infected with the coronavirus in the deputy corps. Therefore, the deputies express the hope that they will be able to vote remotely.

«I hope. Believe me, we are also living people. They may not get together. Someone will come, and someone will say: sorry, goodbye. I cannot answer for all my colleagues whether they will come or not. For example, I’ll come, ”concluded A. Fedienko.


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