Barna: Russia helps revive fascism in Italy

Ex-MP from BPP Oleg Barna compared the ideology of the head of the Italian Ministry of Internal Affairs Matteo Salvini, the ministry and Italian justice with the ideology of the founder of Italian fascism Benito Mussolini. He said this in Kiev during an action in support of the National Guard Vitaly Markiv, who was sentenced in Italy to 24 years in prison.

Barn called the military convicts unlawful and contrary to the norms of humanitarian international law and human rights.

“This whole ideology of Matteo Salvini, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and this biased justice of Italy resembles the ideology of fascism Benito Mussolini, who blamed everyone else who interferes with life,” said Barna.

According to him, Ukrainians should not only connect to pressure on the Italian government and justice, but also turn to the Italian parliament and president, as well as international legal organizations. Barna also calls for European civilized justice, law enforcement and humanitarian international justice for the release of Markiv.

The ex-people’s deputy declared that «revenge» should not be allowed. “This is a very serious precedent regarding the revival of fascism in Italy in the person of Salvini and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, led by the Kremlin. That is, the only fascist regime that has remained in the world, ”said Barna.

He added that Russian President Vladimir Putin uses held Ukrainians for his geopolitical goals.

“Therefore, it is obvious that in order to free them, you need pressure not only from Ukraine, but also from the entire international community, especially actions in the“ Norman format ”and international, the exclusion of Russia from political and international organizations, and the continued strengthening of economic sanctions,” former deputy.

He noted that Russia does not understand the policy of diplomacy.

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