Assistants of people’s deputies received in December more than 100 thousand salaries

The salaries of assistant consultants to some people’s deputies of Ukraine for December 2019 are more than 100 thousand hryvnias for each. Such large payments were received by the assistant Olga Stefanishina and Anastasia Krasnoselskaya — Olga Zheregina. Also, the salary of more than 100 thousand hryvnias from the assistant of the parliamentarian Alexander Matusevich — Evgenia Dzekunova.

Ukrainian News reported on the salaries of assistants to people’s deputies of Ukraine, citing a response to a request from a journalist to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

So, in December 2019, Olga Zheregina received 146,335 hryvnias, of which 98330 hryvnias amounted to a bonus accrued «from the wage savings fund of assistant consultants.» After withholding all taxes and fees, Zheregina received 117815.78 hryvnias.

The assistant consultant Evgenia Dzekunova received a salary and a bonus of 136380 hryvnias, of which 115380 UAH. amounted to a bonus. And after all the deductions, Dzekunova received «on hand» the amount of 109785.9 hryvnias.

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