Arahamia published correspondence with the «Joker»

The head of the «Servant of the People» faction, David Arahamia, showed correspondence with the author of the «Joker» telegram channel.

He said this on November 10 at the congress of the party «Servant of the People», reports his own correspondent

«Hello, I read your interview where you tell the truth or think that the joker demanded two bitcoins. It’s not so, it’s a fake. I don’t need anything from you, I need you to put things in order and not substitute the president and deputies with idiots. If money is being wrested on behalf of the Joker — they went, «the people’s deputy read out the correspondence.

In response, Arahamia replied: «Hello. I thought so, I asked him to publish a test word in your channel and he jumped down. Thank you for working to clear our ranks.»

To this, the author of the «Joker» replied that «he has no purpose to wet the party.»

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