Anticorruption organizations have been accused of exceeding the level of corruption in Ukraine

Anticorruption organizations often show calculations, how much money does not receive the state budget, which is different from hundreds of billions of hryvnias, and indicate excessive corruption.

This is on the air of the program «First on the main. Comments »on the ZIK television channel, said the director of the Ukrainian Association of Suppliers of Trade Networks Alexei Doroshenko.

In particular, Mr. Doroshenko believes that the size of corruption in Ukraine is slightly exaggerated.

«But as soon as the customs were blocked, and 80% of all streams were actually blocked there, we see that it did not allow to fill the budget. On the contrary, we get even less than 8 months ago. They really covered the bench, but at the same time the bench was very small. Many anti-corruption organizations exaggerate the size of this phenomenon «, — said Mr. Doroshenko.

Instead, politician Gennadiy Balashov is convinced that corruption in Ukraine is not only flourishing, but every Ukrainian lives in corruption. He noted that there are 3.5 thousand state-owned enterprises in the country, which means that 3.5 thousand directors are corrupted.

«They have two substitutes, accountants, and they are all corrupt. Around them is a company that squeezes money out of it and builds schemes with state-owned enterprises, and they are all corrupt. The Cabinet of Ministers holds the vice prime minister who manages this corruption. The IMF noted that the cause of corruption in Ukraine is 3.5 thousand state-owned enterprises, «said Mr. Balashov.

According to him, in order to break this circle of corruption, it is necessary to introduce the simplest taxation system and give people a fair life. In his opinion, the most important thing to fight poverty is to bring massive money to Ukraine.

«We need tenfold growth. To come here money and people, they should be very profitable. It is necessary to sell all state enterprises, to reduce VAT, to collect customs duties and the majority of payments, to lift the moratorium on land — and corruption will disappear. The state authorities will have nothing to do «, — commented the guest of the program.

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