“An idiot or a Russian spy”: ex-people’s deputy criticized Priestayko

Ex-MP and journalist Vadim Denisenko said that he considers Foreign Minister Vadim Pristayko «an idiot, or a Russian spy.» He also noted that he urgently needed to be fired.

Denisenko wrote about this on his Facebook page, commenting on the statements of the Foreign Minister that “if we don’t go to Steinmeier’s formula, then we need to cut pensions and transfer pensioners’ money to the army”. I abstained for a long time, but after that, I have a simple question: is he an idiot or a Russian spy? He needs to be fired urgently, and PR Zelensky’s PR managers need to be explained that such rhetoric will only accelerate the rating drop, ”Denisenko wrote.

Also, the ex-people’s deputy noted that you can abandon the «Steinmeier formula» and increase pensions for Ukrainians.

This is much easier than “just stop shooting,” Denisenko wrote with irony.


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