The recording of the conversation during the meeting from the office of Prime Minister Alexei Goncharuk looks real, but the fate of this government should be decided by President Zelensky and the mono-majority.

This was stated by MP from the «European Solidarity» faction Nina Yuzhanina in an interview with reporters, the broadcast was introduced by «Direct».

“I know how we reacted to the punctures of the premieres of the previous convocation. For us, it seemed impossible when an unprofessional prime minister,” she said.

«Therefore, the Servants of the people must decide now, and the president himself. Because most of all they should be concerned that there is still no vision of economic development. And without this there will be nothing. If the foundation is not argued and will not be built, then I I confirm that what was mined will collapse, ”the deputy emphasized.

Nina Yuzhanina also said that so many recordings of conversations of various top officials and heads of security agencies have been made public that the president must choose some kind of strategy. She noted that his reactions are waiting and demanding and «Servants of the people», and society, and other MPs and political forces.

«But he obviously has some other position, because if he makes excuses every time, he will not have time to go about his business,» said a representative of European Solidarity.

She expressed confidence that on the published notes from the cabinet of Prime Minister Goncharuk, the real voices of all the named participants in the meeting.

«This is clearly their vote. There is no doubt about it. I think they should not object to this and it’s even illogical to justify themselves. It would be better to justify themselves in terms of what they were going for. So, they wanted to do such a creative assault, think, reflect on a cup of tea. There is nothing wrong with that, absolutely. Even if there are possible statements about the president that he is very weak in the economy. Well, the man came professionally unprepared, «said Nina Yuzhanina.

When asked who is interested in the recorded recordings of this conversation from Prime Minister Goncharuk’s office, Nina Yuzhanina noted: “It seems to me that since the rallies under the National Bank ended, which did not lead to the expected result, this is“ Plan B, ”as they say. «plan A», and this is «plan B».


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