A person with a step-by-step program should come to Goncharuk’s place — the people’s deputy

The choice of Goncharuk’s candidacy depended on the Office of the President, and it was he who claimed it as the ideological leader, who gathered under his own banners and brand those people who are a fraction of the mono-majority.

This was announced on the sidelines of the Verkhovna Rada by the deputy from the Servant of the People faction, Alexander Dubinsky, to the VoiceUA correspondent.

“If the resignation of the prime minister is accepted, then from the point of view of logic, this is the right way, but from the point of view of the law, there should be a statement addressed to the speaker of the parliament Dmitry Razumkov. If this statement arrives in parliament and is approved by the President, the parliament will vote for the resignation of the government and all ministers. After the resignation, we will count 60 days in order to form a new composition of the Cabinet of Ministers, but for now, during this period, the ministers will be acting, ”the People’s Deputy said.

According to him, at the post of the new prime minister, I would like to see a person who understands the economy and that he has a tough approach to solve economic problems and deals with specific issues.

“That is, it must be a person with a road map. Look what we “ate”, we, as a parliament, and you as a public? We “ate” some presentation drawn with fake indicators of increasing revenues, incomes, expenses, which are completely untrue, ”the politician noted.

A person with a step-by-step program should come in place of Goncharuk, Dubinsky added, so that we understand what needs to be done from the point of view of legislation — so that the parliament understands what laws need to be adopted.

“In addition, we now have a growing budget deficit, in which now the revenue default is 87 billion hryvnias, which is a huge amount. Such a failure indicates that even the new head of the government will be very difficult, because it will be impossible to close such a hole quickly and cover this difference between income and expenses. Because the NBU and Naftogaz have already accrued their profits in advance to the state budget and there are no more profits, as well as the largest reserves, and you need to look for other ways to fill the budget or reduce previously planned costs for different items. Thus, budget cuts will indicate a reduction in some sectors of the economy, and people will take to the streets, ”A. Dubinsky concluded.


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