$ 30 thousand for the «Yatsenko site»: People’s Deputy Kachura wants to go through a lie detector

People’s Deputy of the Servant of the People faction, Alexander Kachura, expressed his desire to go through a lie detector because of allegations of lobbying for laws and receiving bribes.

Source: facebook Kachura

Literally: «Over the past few days, I have been accused of lobbying and corruption. As a person of words, I am always responsible for my actions and deeds. Therefore, I decided to go through a lie detector myself.»

Details: Kachura suggests answering the question whether he paid for the inclusion in the electoral list of the political party “Servant of the People”, whether he is under the influence or in a group of any of the oligarchs, whether he received a bribe for voting and submitting bills.

In particular, Kachura wants to answer a lie detector to a question about receiving a bribe for submitting and lobbying bill 2047-1.

Kachura said that the process of passing the polygraph will be broadcast live.

What happened before: When adopting the budget for 2018, the deputies created the so-called «Yatsenko sites» — these are electronic intermediary platforms between the property appraiser and the electronic base of the State Property Fund.

Intermediaries do not carry out valuation activities, they simply send the data and receive estimates for each transaction from 500 to 1800 hryvnia.

In August 2018, Our Money with Denis Bigus reported that only in the first month of operation of the company, close to the people’s deputy from Vozrozhdeniye Anton Yatsenko “pumped out” 23 million in mediation schemes.

Some deputies submitted to the Verkhovna Rada bill No. 2047, which would allow this “scheme” to be eliminated, but it never came to adoption.

At the same time, alternative bill No. 2047-1 was submitted to bill No. 2047, which was prepared by 19 deputies from the Servant of the People (six deputies have now withdrawn their signatures).

The main idea No. 2047-1 is the consolidation of the monopoly of electronic platforms, the expansion of their functioning. In addition, the project proposes to remove evaluators from the process.

One of the main initiators of this bill is the deputy «Servants of the people» Alexander Kachura. He denies that he defends the interests of the current sites, which are associated with Yatsenko.

According to him, the bill, on the contrary, solves the problem of monopoly of authorized sites, as it changes the procedure and removes barriers for other players to enter this market.

Now they suspect that part of the deputies could receive a certain “reward” for blocking the process of destruction of sites.


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